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Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

Article about: hi folks just thought id share my latest lid the m68 branch pattern sniperhood is from 1976

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    Default Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    hi folks just thought id share my latest lid the m68 branch pattern sniperhood is from 1976Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    James....I swear we are on the same wave length. I am looking at one of these Ne 44/85s at this very moment, was doing a little web research and low and behold, look what I find. Nice helmet by the way! Russ

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    he he cheers russ we must be there a nice and the design goes back to ww2 lid the more modern ones have the A washers the more sought after earlier ones have rectangular washers im glad you like the hood more like a bee keeper cheers mate james

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    It does indeed look like a bee keeper.
    Very cool by the way.

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    It was actually the kid that came to me a few days ago asking me about these Ne44's that got me looking. I went ahead and's got a bit of distance to travel so I don't suspect it will arrive for the next few weeks. It's a minty fresh lid /85 model with a period camo cover. But, while doing a little reseach on these lids, I decided that I also want to get an earlyier model of the Ne44, with a little salt on it, to display along side. Russ

    P.S. The kid wants to find a Fiber 89 example as well!

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    James, the Ne44/85 has arrived. It's minty fresh, possibly a refirb that was never re-issued. Red star and cover plus instructions on how to adjust the suspention I am assuming. Also have a French F-1 heading our direction so I'll wait until that arrives and snap photos of both. Now to find that early Ne44...the search starts today! Russ

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    great stuff russ and please dont think ive been ignoring you ,for some unknown reason i dont get notification emails when i recieve a responce to my threads thanks for keeping me informed though what cover does it have is it similar to woodland covers in my first pic it sounds a great buy though especially if with manual im thinking your purchase is direct from serbia yes ,the french f1 im also interested in apparently there where two versions i think with a difference on the liner configuration well its something to research i quess but thought id give you a heads up mate , can i ask what cover is it central european or desert cammo the m89 is a must russ i was more than pleased with it although the paint can tend to flake quite easily leaving patches of composite on show but ive put a cover on it hides a multitude of sins my latest composite of which ive posted on here somewhere in the BW section is a german gefechtshelm m826 used by the bundeswehr in afghanistan ive fitted the tropentarn cover it bears a similarity to the US pasgt actually its now my new avatar pic anyway ill look forward to seeing the pics of your latest aquisitions thanks again james

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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    I had the camera out today so figured I might as well snap a few of the new helmet. I spent a few hours, last night, doing a bit of research and, along with the confirmation from Greg Pickersgill, have learned that these helmets are actually designated M59/85 (the first model simply being the M59). Not real sure where the Ne44 designation came from, the Ne likely from the Mfr but the 44 does not seem to have any rhymn nor reason. Anyway, from what I can gather, this is a late production M59/85 and due to the absense of an ink stamp, I'm assuming that it is a refirb. From the looks it has not been issued, or re-issued as the case may be. I believe the cover is Serbian and designated as and MD89 but if others know better, please corret me. Here are a few photos:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	M59_85_2.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	M59_85_1.jpg 
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Name:	M59_85_4.jpg 
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    I forgot to snap a photo of the instruction card, sorry and yes James, it was shipped direct from Serbia. I'm not sure how we are going to display it, alsmost all the photos I have seen are void of the cover.

    I found the Kevlar helmet on Ebay, last week, but was away for a long weekend and missed it, it sold pretty cheep. I'm sure another one will roll around soon enough although I need to start saving a few pennies for the Ssh39 I'd like to add to the shelf. And I just rec'ved confirmation that the French F1 is on it's way so maybe it will arrive late next week, it's not coming from too far away.


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    Default Re: Yugoslavian ne-44/85 with jna sniperhood

    Further to all this, I have just last night been passed the text of a basic book on helmet recognition, prepared by the well-known Canadian collector and militaria historian, Roger Lucy. He has this to say about the M59 and 59/85 (I *must* train myself out of calling it the 'NE-44' - old habits die hard!)

    "Šlema M59 and M59/85

    Once Yugoslavia's industrial capacity recovered, a national helmet was developed. Often named after Factory NE 44 in Kragujevac in Serbia, where it was produced, its official designation is the M59. It first appeared at the 1960 May Day parade in Belgrade.

    Body: Made of magnetic steel and weighing 1.15 kg. the M59 had a long, high domed skull with a slightly sloped peak. There was a shallow dip between the peak and the skirt. It had a raw, slightly everted rim, and no vents or external rivets. In 1985, a revised model with a more compact body was introduced.

    Lining: The suspension was based on the US Riddle system. Six brackets, welded inside, held an olive nylon web lining band. Three green cotton web Vs joined at the apex by a cord clip to the band and were adjusted hinged slide buckles. An adjustable leather and web sweat band clipped to the lining band. Originally these were fixed in place. In 1985 a modified removable suspension was introduced, and was both fitted to new production bodies and retrofitted to old ones. These were designated the M59-85.

    Chin strap: US type hinged lugs were welded inside the body above the dip. Through these was looped a one piece web chin-strap, adjusted at each side by enlarged ratchet clips. "

    I would think that's more or less conclusive. Interesting to know - which I didn't before last night - that the '85 liner was also retrofited to the original shells. That explains a lot!

    So, for the real helmet enthusiast, there's certainly three versions of that helmet, plus, for the painted steel fanatics, a couple of dozen more, I would guess.


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    Thanks mate!! I just got one myself today. Think it's a M59/85. Red star on front.
    People are still calling them NE44's. But it was cheap and in good condition.
    Can't ask for more really.
    There is a stamp inside the shell, I can't really make it out.
    TR ZH-87? or TR ZN-87. Can any confirm what is says and what it means?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20160126_215712_Richtone(HDR)-1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	20160126_231236_Richtone(HDR).jpg 
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