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The Battle of Greasy Grass...140 Years On...

Article about: A significant date in American history, 25th-26th June 1876... Arguably the most studied and talked about battle of US military history 140 years on, the anniversary of The Battle of Greasy

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    thank you SteveR for laying it on the line,with respect,Harry.

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    And still it goes on Steve i support the Lakota on Pine Ridge , SD and only today received an update about Youth Suicide whcih is the second biggest killer on the Reservation due to life and conditions in the Badlands , even now in 2016.
    The American Indian Movement works to help the kids that feel hopeless, Alcoholics, Drug abusers and our Sisters that turn to prostitution trying to get a better life and not be a stranger in their own land.
    It is a constant struggle.

    Many people assimilate. Some can't, those are the ones that I am concerned about.
    I am concerned about young children. I want them to be well fed with a loving family. I want their lives to be full and happy. I would like to see all Gods children that way.

    I do not hate white people. I am part white. I am proud of my European ancestry Scotch, Irish and English.

    Hollywood has distorted the Real history of the Western expansion in my country.
    We are not savages or injuns, or red sticks or blanket asses. We are human beings that were given the short end of the stick in American history.

    There are Indians that are bad people today, there are Indians that have forgotten their heritage, and there are good people.

    It is common for Indian people to be generous to a fault. At pow wow if you visit a camp you will be fed if you are hungry.
    Many people will give you things because they like you. It is an old custom that when you admire something that a person has they will gift it to you as a sign of friendship.

    Ottawa County where I live has 10 federally recognized tribes.
    Eastern Shawnee
    Wyandotte ( Huron )
    Seneca - Cayuga ( Iroquois )
    Quapaw band of Osage
    and at one time Nez Pierce

    People from many parts of the nation. There are more Indians per capita in Ottawa County than any where in the USA. The majority are mixed bloods today.

    My people, the Cherokee, South Eastern People lived in mud and wattle houses like the English did in the 16th century.
    The people of the North East lived in long houses built of wood and bark covering.
    The Quapaw's lived in buffalo hide tee pees in the Southern plains of Arkansas.
    Modoc's were from Northern California and Southern Oregon.

    Oklahoma has 77 different tribes out of the approximately 355 recognized tribes in the USA.
    there are over 5,000,000 Indians in the USA today.
    Tribal politics are just as cut throat as any other country.
    We are an integral part of this country. The land of this continent is the dust of the bones of our ancestors for over 14,000 years.

    Indians , by nature, are fun loving people we laugh, we tease, we kid, we are human beings.

    I live in the Land of the Red Man...... Okla homa. A Choctaw name.

    Thank You for reading my long winded synopsis of Oklahoma Indian History
    I am an American.

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