I had a young man ask me a question the other day that,odd to admit, had me stumped. He had a pair of Leitz Trinovid 10x40B binoculars-the kind with the roll down rubber eye pieces to accommodate eyeglass users and had just recently found a nice Leitz hard black leather case with the flap for them. The problem was, he asked me "What way do they go into the case? Eyepieces 1st(down) or eyepieces up? And should he keep them rolled down or let them be unrolled? He had gotten a pair of new rubber eyepieces for them as they were old and cracked and, to his surprise(and mine) they came rolled. Should they be stored this way?

So.....what would you guys say? They fit either way in the case, but I would say eye pieces up if they were not going to be rolled down. If they were Not rolled down and went in the case first, I would have thought that they would distort the rubber from having to bear their weight. But, then again, if they are "up" and unrolled, I would think that the flap itself of the case would distort their shape too. A kind of a strange dilemma, but one that caught me off guard! Does anyone know what is the "proper method" of inserting a pair of binoculars into a flapped leather case?