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Happy Birthday Ade!

Article about: Hope you have a very Happy Birthday Ade! Hope you are enjoying your holidays as well! Ralph.

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    Happy birthday from the colonies!!!!!!

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    Happy Birthday Ade! Many happy returns!

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    A late ,...happy birthday to you!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    All the best mate !

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    Hi Guys, many thanks for all the kind wishes.

    Got home from hols yesterday. Had a fantastic time. We stayed at Hurghada on the Red Sea. Weather was in the 90's dropping to 84 at night. Went Scuba diving which was fantastic. Did four dives and thinking now of taking this up.

    Please consider traveling to Egypt. The country is safe in the tourist areas and we felt fine at all times. Airport security was as good as the UK. They need the overseas visitors.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Glad you enjoyed it Ade, we were in Hurghada a few years ago, also had a good time.
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    Happy birthday Ade ..enjoy your day and thankyou always for establishing the existence of this great website

    Cheers Larry
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    Happy Belated Birthday!

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