Great pic Steve. That is most definitely a photo album addition!!! Very touching.

My little princess is 19 now and talking about moving out and living life, But my thoughts of her are still me cuddling my little girl reading books and telling her how to remember that Boy's are really pond scum and to find the one that treats you right. Time does fly by but its good to know that you are their for them and they know it!!!!!!

MrPotts, I have been there. Feel free to blast away. PM me if needed. It will be good for ya. You gotta get it out. As far as the grass being Greener on the other side, It really can be!!! You couldn't ask for a better bunch of guy's than what we have here to give advice on what some may have experienced and found that it's not the end! It's the beginning!
Take care of the kids and yourself

Semper Fi