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Someting I find both funny and sad

Article about: Now please understand I am not knocking anyone with this post, I have many friends in the US, I love NC and a Friend from there took me metal detecting there years ago, thats where I found t

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    Default Someting I find both funny and sad

    Now please understand I am not knocking anyone with this post, I have many friends in the US, I love NC and a Friend from there took me metal detecting there years ago, thats where I found the one and only US Civil War Round, a live 30 pound Parrot round, it is disarmed and now in my collection.

    I find it odd about the big deal some US States about bathrooms, we all know what I am talking about.

    The Counties of Canada and the US
    may be great friends, and every Canadian I know has friends in the US, however we do think differantly

    Guns, elections this Bathroom thing ect... now with all that said.

    Many of the forums members here, that have traveled to or live in Mainland Europe must think this bathroom thing is really over blown.

    I remember the 1st time I went to Europe, I landed in Paris, took a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of Paris at morning rush hour, I had never driven there before, so I guess you can understand the problems I faced, I felt like a target!!!

    Later on our way to Normandy ( later the same day, after I found a way out of Paris) to meet a friend there. I wanted a coffee and to use the bathroom...I did not know about those bushes at layovers.

    We stopped at a large Fuel station, I asked my better half to grab me a coffee while I went to the Bathroom.
    A woman was mopping the floor near the entrance of the bathroom, as I waited she said "come, come" so I went in to take a pee at the "wall" much to my surprise, as I was using that item, a few women walked behind me talking..I was surprised by this and thought I may have gone into the the woman's tolite...the next thing I knew, the same women that had said "come come" was mopping around my feet!!.. that was the first time I learned that both sexes ( and I guess all sexes) used the same bathroom!!!
    Being a Canadian I was very surprised by this..and over my trip it took sometime to get used to that.

    I remember a few days later sitting down in the little room ( as we call it here) doing what had to be done.. 2 French ladys sat on either side of me and carried on a made my task very diffacult to finish!!!
    By the Time I left Europe I was used to big deal!!!

    I guess some of the law makers in some US States, have never been overseas.

    AGAIN this is not an insult to anyone... Just something I learned on my travels, which tend to open our eyes.

    Just My Thoughts

    Dean O

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    Travel really does broaden the mind!

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    Dean u dont even need to leave Canada for this experience. When we were visiting Quebec City they had the same set up.


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    CBH is online now


    Great post Dean O , I wanted to comment before it was closed down . These Bathroom Laws are simply anti-gay laws , the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and the religious right lost it's collective mind . They try and equate homosexuality with child molestation , without any proof . They are simply Hate laws , put in place by Hateful people with hurtful intentions . I don't want to say more for fear of being Deleted .
    Cheers Chris

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    Guys, Thank you for your input, however, again I was making a point without Politics being involved, or "special interest groups"

    This is just something I have seen while on my travels.

    So please keep it nice.

    Dean O

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    No1canuk, first I dislike that word Canuk, I find it disparaging..but aside from that, I would NEVER go to Quebec City, I have, over the years experanced
    Problems with Qubecors treating "English Canadians" in a very bad way. And this is 1st hand. I would rather go to France than go to Quebec!!!

    I am waiting for our American friends to tell us their thoughts, as well as members for what I call Mainland Europe.

    As I have said several times, this is not ment as an insult to ANYONE... just to show how differant Countries see things Differantly
    I would prefer this thread not be closed, it shows how we think differantly.
    I NEVER insult my American friends or Members here, nor do I insult anyone on this forum. I just thought this was an interesting thing for us Members to talk about, without insult

    I guess the more the fool for I

    Dean O

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    Hi Dean, here in the UK we are firmly in the "separate sexes" amenities camp! You do come across the odd mixed sex toilets but that tends to be in smaller establishments that only have the one loo to start with! The rest of mainland Europe does however tend to follow the trend you have noticed, no big deal once you have gotten used to it like you say. Leon.
    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." Ernest Hemingway

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    CBH is online now


    You just Insulted Quebecers and Steve
    Cheers Chris

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    I think the majority of the argument is concerning not just the use of women's bathrooms by men, but the use of All female facilities, such as changing rooms, locker rooms, and even showers. The movement to normalize transsexual people is not a bad one, but in their zeal, they often take it too far. There is an effort to make it so that if a man simply Feels like he may inwardly be a woman, then he should use the female facilities-not even needing to attempt to look the part at all. It has opened the door now to actual perverts and leerers to walk into women's showers and such-despite the fact that they do not dress like women and may even have beards and such. Bruce Jenner is an oft pointed to example. He has not had any surgery, but now he walks about in a dress and heels and calls himself "Caitlyn". The politically correct crowd went so far as to vote him in as "Woman of the Year". Personally, I can see no problem with anyone wanting to change their gender, but they need to have surgery and change their birth certificates. I would not accept a daughter of mine in a public pool shower room washing herself after a swim and having a burly bearded man walk in,strip down and suds up next to her all the while saying "Don't worry deary, I feel like I'm a woman!". People are worried-and rightly so-as to how to protect their girls and women from actual perverts and literal nutjobs. And, yes-this has happened, so their is legitimacy to their concerns. There has to be some sort of safeguards and precautions to things, but any suggestions are universally greeted with outrage and protests from either side of the debates.

    Sometimes, I am glad that I will never live to see the eventual turn outs of all these strange situations. I guess that I am just too old to shrug and accept any and all politically correct notions that come along. If that makes me bad, then I guess that I'm bad. The other day, I was sitting and thinking of this very problem as to how it applies to the Military. Gay people view their own gender as sexually attractive. It is usually the reason most find out that they even Are gay. Okey, fine and good for them. But what do they do in the Military? A man can not sign up and request to be in the bunk rooms, showers, etc with the Women, so how do they deal with the newly allowed to openly join gay men? Separate facilities? For the Lesbians too then? And what about the much debated Transgenders? Not to mention that there are endless levels and grades of gay to consider. Those that are dressing and living as the opposite gender, those that are masculine but attracted to other men, those that are attracted to certain age goes on and on and on. Like I said, I am glad I am old enough to have been bypassed from all the new views and lifestyles...things were so much simpler in my A person doesn't know what to think anymore..

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    CBH, I did not insult all Quebecors, I just said what I have been through while Steve was not insulted!~
    Wagriff, Thank you for that that thoughtful post...really well thought out and said. However I was just mentioning the bathroom thing and explaining how it is in many places in Europe.
    Yes I know about people with differant life styles that make a job out of it.
    I work in the film industry, with all that comes with, and I have never heard any of that lifestyle ever back people like Kate, as that person has made a lifetime out of what it has done..the people I know that are differant than myself..just want to have their lives and carry on.

    Again, NO INSULT TO ANYONE and just my thoughts.

    Dean O

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