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What is this called, please??

Article about: Appears to be a sort of scoop for melting lead? No markings... Help appreciated! Glenn

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    Ive actually fed pigs but used a shovel. Dont get near them at dinner time. Feeding frenzy big time!

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    I had the opportunity to work with German and Swiss ovens in a bakery.. These were pretty big and had a "Ferris Wheel" type of construction.. Housed in a single room.. We could place three pie tins in a row by 5 wide.. So ... It may be a pre-determined scoop for the amount of Apples, Pumpkin or any other amount of desired additives. And long enough to do so..
    Just my opinion of course..
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    How's the search going?

    Like the rest who have replied here I have no idea what this is for but I would suggest that the flat disc on the shaft in front of the handle is there to stop whatever is in the bowl fron contaminating the handle and therefore the hand of the user. So, that would be something liquid or otherwise runny and either unpleasant or injurous to the user?

    It seems to have equal circular marks on two sides at right angles to the shaft. Does it look as if something once attached is now missing? Don't think these are usage marks as the pic shows one from the inside and the other from the outside.

    I am really intrigued by this so hope to learn what it is.



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    Just another thought;

    The lack of pouring spout has been mentioned but I think I have seen fewer ladles in general with a pouring spout than without. Ladles with a pouring spout seem to me to be intended for accurate pouring as required in the suggested use of pouring molten metal etc whilst ladles without spouts are usually for rough measuring / serving in the general style of "sploshing" something that won't cause harm if any goes astray.

    Just a thought as I say.


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