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1914 Trio And Defence Medal Group

Article about: Hi all. Just wanted to share this group that I was lucky enough to receive for xmas. I have been after an 1914 star for a while so for me this is a super group. The group is to Leonard A Ter

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    It's possible the medals had the wrong details and were returned. If they aren't stamped with R they aren't replacements as in originals being lost or stolen.

    According to the BWM/VM medal roll he re - transferred to RFA as Gnr. from M.F.P. 23/7/20.

    He also served in the Royal Horse Artillery.


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    Thanks guys. Tony, the first thing I look for on medals is the R for replacement, and these don't have it. I hadn't thought about errors on the medals so thanks for that. I have not had a chance to look at his medal roll yet either, didn't knno he served in RHA also. Cheers.

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    Nice group mate!
    I would also safely say that these were returned as Tony says. Ive seen a few groups and pairs like this over the years.
    If there is no R, i wouldnt worry about it.
    Great piece of history!
    "…knowing him, and something of his deeds, it was impossible not to believe in greatness. In that square figure was housed a spirit of grandeur, and with his massive heroism went gentleness and modesty, even humility. He had no need to proclaim his virtue, for history would be his spokesman."
    Eric Linklater on Wavell.

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