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1918 bayonet

Article about: 1918 knuckle duster bayonet seems longer than others ive seen ?

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    Default 1918 bayonet

    1918 bayonet
    1918 knuckle duster bayonet seems longer than others ive seen ?

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    That is interesting. Looks like someone add a bayonet blade to the grip. If posssible,How about a pic of the other side of the grip and also the blade?

    Semper Fi

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    very odd...Don't see it being particularly useful in the trenches.

    I do have some initial concerns over the originality of the grip. Better pics would help clear this up.

    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    looks like it could be a recent Chinese reproduction fantasy piece?

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    Likely a fantasy piece. Blade is wrong and Handle looks like a reproduction, some features look completely wrong.

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    Come on Kevin. Lets see some more pic's. This might be a "Fantasy piece" or something put together by who knows.
    I would still like to see the pic's I requested and then we can get down to the "What it is" answer.
    I will say it is not an original configuration of the 1918 knuckle duster made by several manufacturer. etc.LF&C or Au lion. But more pic's could tell more.
    I look forward to seeing more pic's
    Semper Fi

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    hi phil not got it yet when it comes will do

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