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Article about: Hello everyone! I found these binoculars at a fleamarket and was wondering if anyone could help me with a little more info about them? There are no makers mark, the only markings i can find

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    Thank you very much Ned!
    I completely agree with both of you, thay are way to polished for my taste. I will clean them from all the left over polishing then let them darken.
    Maybe the have been tampered with, but the seller didnt know anything about them and i payed approximately 4$ for them so
    i cant complain at that price.


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    Oh and by the way, yes the word glas i acctualy misspelled.

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    $4.00 - you can't go wrong! I rather like them for all their faults.


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    It would be nice to find a pair of signalcorps binoculars, but i dont think its easy here in sweden.
    Maybe I can find a pair when i go down to Normandy in two weeks to be there during the 70th aniversary of D-day :-)

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    Jocke - eBay...they are a dime a dozen so to speak (well WW1 anyway).


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    Yes, I buy things on Ebay all the time. Its the only way if you collect american militaria in sweden.
    The problem is that shipping and customs fees often makes things that was cheap rediciosly expensive, often what you buy the thing for is 25-50% of the cost of shipping etc.

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    Not all that much to add, from what I can see! They are, of course, from the Civil War-Indian Wars era and over time their thin leather covering has naturally dried, shrunk and flaked away. If it Hadn't, I would definitely have had concerns. No leather will look good after 150 years of handling and sitting. I really wish that the previous owner had not polished them so thoroughly, but, at least being Brass, it will dull back down again over time. The main thing is that the optics are clear and fungus free which is something that hasn't been mentioned. But, in any case, I would not worry about the spelling of Glass too overly much, as you do come across these oddities when you have limited space to do the stampings. Their maker is also a blank and could have been any number of European lens makers, but the markings are the main thing and indicate a military use. So, for $4, you have a nice little pair of CW era field glasses! Not much to fret about there! I'm sure, if you wanted to resell them on the US market you could do a good profit! But, personally, I'd keep them and, like said, put them on a shelf and ponder over what has to be a fascinating but forever unknown history!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Good point about the clarity William - forgot to mention they looked good from that perspective.


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    Thank you William!
    Again I learn a little more wich is always interesting!
    The lenses are okay and with good visuability, some dust inside but i wont do anything about it, only try to get rid
    of the polishingcream that is still on .
    As i am a collector its not for sale, it will be placed and hopefully get som of the patina back.

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