Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen

A question if I could have your indulgence.

There is currently a Brevet de l'Aéroclub de France n° 14767 en date du 10 février, 1919 on eBay.

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The seller claims that the person concerned, Roland Le Bon Desmottes, was patented as a military pilot on August 16, 1918 on a Caudron and the FAI was issued as it was customary at the end of the conflict 6 months after obtaining his military patent.

Now, I'm not disputing that this did not occur, but has anyone else of heard of this custom?

I'm also a tad concerned that of the 74 000 records including the flying crews (pilots, observers, flight engineers, machine gunners and photographers) and the ground staff (mechanics, meteorologists, sailmakers, carpenters or members of the commissariat) that the Memoire des hommes (666 Bad Request) lists from the First World War, the gentleman does not feature.

Any and all comments greatfully received.


Edit: Not sure what this: 666 Bad Request means - but the link still works!