Hi Guys, some good news, but before you get too excited, things are not a straight forwards as they first seem. Read here about the news first:

First World War records go online - AOL News

Now go to here if you wish to search the records. Be warned it will cost you if you do find something and you want to actually see it:

British Army WWI Service Records, 1914-1920 - Ancestry.co.uk

However, there are problems. Only 2 million records survive. Many were destroyed in WW2 due to an air raid.

I have just searched for 7 service records for relatives or men who's medals I now own. There was not a single hit.

On a personal note, I find it objectionable that these records have been fostered out to a private money making concern and that we have to pay them to view the files.

Cheers, Ade.