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Article about: Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd., a Canadian Television production company, is developing two programs entitled "War Junk" for History Television, a Canadian cable-network. The prem

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    I think we have pretty much given a consensus here!

    This is just another example of "empty head TV" from the long line that has given us productions requiring absolutely no mental engagement on the part of the viewer let alone even the most modest level of intellect to follow. If one wants WWI comedy Blackadder Goes Forth is a good option. For serious stuff people like Richard Holmes generate easily digestable product.

    In this case the mere use of such an irreverant word as "Junk" in the title says enough for me. I saw the trailer and that confirmed my thoughts about the title. So, no I didn't rush to set the satellite box reminder or record functions!



    PS As for the stuff "wating to be picked up" I don't suppose they showed any of the memorials to French and Belgian sappers who deal with such "junk"???

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    Quote by John Brandon View Post
    Thank you for the story of George Nugent - much better than any crap TV.

    Regards, Philip

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