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Could anybody help me with identifying some insignia ?

Article about: I've recently been given a large family photo album, and inside was this picture of what I believe to be my great great Grandfather in the Great War, unfortunately I don't know his name, but

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    Photo probably taken in 1916 as he is wearing the bag for the PH gas helmet, which was replaced by the box respirator from late that year to early 1917. He's dressed for mounted duties (breeches and spurs) which makes him more likely to be RFA than RGA, though that's not conclusive. Note wristwatch on left wrist and private purchase metal ID bracelet on the other - I wonder where that ended up?

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    Thanks for the information, unfortunately for me. My mothers side of the family have a strange history of not keeping much to do with either two Wars. This was due to in the First World War young relative joined up and lied about his age and Was Killed quite early on as I understand. i only have 1 picture of him and i don't know an awful lot. as my grandad said, 'nobody kept there medals and nobody spoke a word' so the ID bracelet is probably long gone. That's some interesting information though. Although can I ask what RGA stood for ?

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    Quote by The Boy In Battle Dress View Post
    . Although can I ask what RGA stood for ?
    Royal Garrison Artillery

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    Hi BBD, happy to help. RFA is Royal Field Artillery and RGA is Royal Garrison Artillery, the heavy guns that were pulled by tractors or teams of heavy horses. The RFA's 15-pounders were much nippier and pulled by medium sized horses, which the drivers and gunners were dressed to ride. Some RGA men were mounted but usually they are wearing trousers in period photos.

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    Ah i see, again thanks for the Help. Its really great to finally shed some light onto a photo that my family has know little about for decades

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    If you post a name or names of those you know, we may be able to find additional information for you too.

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    Thanks, If its not to much trouble that would be great. I will ask my grandfather, however I did manage to talk to him a few weeks back, and he told me that he used to work with the horses towing the carts in the coal mines, so RFA might actually make a lot of sense

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    Another acronym to look out for is RHA for Royal Horse Artillery-they used the 13 pounder guns that were smaller and lighter than the 18 lb guns-RHA units were intended to support cavalry units and accompany them so they could move more quickly than the RFA.

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