My apologies if this is old news, itís new to me.

While looking for a Brit SWB badge number I came across a book with AIF, Canadian, S. African, NZEF, some obscure colonial units as well as Royal Maltese Artillery badge numbers. I think the Maltese ones can be found online anyway but badge numbers for the AIF, CEF, NZEF and S. Africans arenít ordinarily online so, if you have a low numbered badge with the A, C, NZ or SA prefix, give it a go, perhaps youíll be able to put a name to the badge.

I found them here Please wait... W0329/3255

60 odd pages to the AIF, 99% of them being 3 digit numbers
100 odd pages to the CEF in 3 digit numbers
A few pages NZEF 2 and 3 digit numbers
1 to 7 Newfoundland Regt.
60 odd pages of SA

Interestingly the AIF badge records show the actual wound or sickness instead of just noting Kingís Regs. ....... or wounds/sickness e.g. 2084 Pte. James Diamond Ė rheumatism & bad teeth and 59 Pte. JA Murray GSW left arm & shell shock.

If you donít have access to ancestry you can at least put in a badge number to see if it brings up a name UK, Silver War Badge Records, 1914-1920