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Ford M1917 ambulance

Article about: Such patience and focus!! great work!!

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    Default Ford M1917 ambulance

    Here is a project I have been working for a while, most of you have probably already seen it posted elsewhere, but I am always looking for more information on the USAAS. For years I searched for an original Ford Model T ambulance. To date, I have not been able to locate an original in the US, although I suspect there is at least one. All of the examples displayed in the various museums around the US are replicas, made by a couple of Montana farmers in the 1980s, so I figured that was the only way I could have one. The Chassis is a 1919 Ford Model T that I acquired last spring. I started constructing the body a few weeks ago. There are no plans for the M1917 available, the boys in Montana checked out an original set but it seems that they did not return them. With the help of several people around the US, and by using period photos, dimensions and construction was pieced together. It is not finished yet, but is together enough to make it to a local car show, complete with casualty on a stretcher in the back.


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    Default Re: Ford M1917 ambulance


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    Lovely a lot of good work there. Is it running?
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    Great work, looks amazing.
    Does it run? Whats the engine type?

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    It does run, it has the standard Ford model T engine and planetary transmission. The pinion bearing was out on the rear axle, so I had to rebuild that and replace the ring and pinion. I am working on a second example that will go an a non running chassis (for the time being anyway, I suspect that I will get it running some time in the future) I figured that if I do a long term display for a museum, there was no need to have it running.

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    I love it

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    Very nice.


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    Here is a recent photo with the uniform of Frank Frankenfield, who was a mechanic with Evacuation Ambulance Co #8

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    Excellent work!
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    Its a beaut!
    Kudos for having the patience and the knowledge to finish it.

    Dont sell it ever or you'll see it poppping up on eflay as the ambulance, that Hemmingway drove and with a million doller price tag

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