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France..US Army...and black soldiers

Article about: Hello, From an article found this morning and translated from french to english...edifying The difference between the reception of French and segregation imposed by Jim Crow laws in the Unit

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    No hard feelings , ever my friend . I almost PM you to say about the same as you stated above .
    It's too easy to get carried away and take things personally , in this day and age of the On-line Rant .
    We collectors have to stick together , we share common a interest and shouldn't let our differences change that .
    I thought about how stupid and saucy my comments must look , and was sad that I had made them .
    So I thought the only course of action was to take the High Road , and apologize .
    As I have said , I'm here to make friends not enemies .
    Thank you all for the understanding , especially Dean O and SteveR sorry to have offended you .
    Cheers and Happy Collecting to you all .

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    CBH, I was the A** hole in all of this...thank you for still standing beside me!!!

    I also now understand more about the world and our members.,.. we as Canadians are a bit differant than others, insaults ment or thought of, are passed by the wayside...
    Take Care my Friend!!! "We are an Island, a Rock in the sea" and yes I know that song VERY well


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    We Canadians have to stick together , I think this forum is full of Foreigners ! And I don't mean the band ! LOL

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    It is full of them!!! LOL, and they all think they won the World Wars!!! LOL

    Dean O

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    Wow lively thread The initial post was very informative. Its an unfortunate side to history, that every nation in the world has been party to and conducts in racist behaviour in one way or another ..Racism has, is, and will be part of the world for a long time to come, in the same way as sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance etc etc..all we can hope for is we improve ourselves to try and make ourselves more aware of our failings, we all have them.. One of the great aspects of this Forum is the complete enforcement to eradicate of any of these divisive elements.

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