I picked up this Colonial badged Adrian helmet today. I always assumed that the badges were pressed metal - although I admit my knowledge on the subject would fit on the back of a stamp, but this badge appears to be brass. I believe this to be the second pattern helmet which was introduced in WW1. The rivets on the side are staggered, and as far as I know the early pattern had them one above the other. I had read somewhere on the forum - I think it was a helmet belonging to James C, that the brass badges are reproduction. I removed the badge to have a look at the back, and it certainly didn't look anything like the pictures I have seen of the reproductions. The front of the helmet also bore the outline of the badge, and in my opinion, points to the fact the badge has been on there for a very long time. There were also traces of black paint over the original horizon blue. And then we come to the mustard-colour paint! When viewed in hand the colour looks different than my pictures. I suspected at first that it was a recent paint job. But when I examined the ridge between helmet and brim (inside and out) you could see where the paint was peeling and rust forming. I have on order a very fine reproduction second pattern liner, complete with aluminium corrugated strips, from the American company - The Prairie Flower Co. They do absolutely superb reproductions for most WW1 helmets.

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