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Gallipoli 1915 medallion

Article about: Hey guys, Annoyed from this ads?   Enjoy.

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    Another pic
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Gallipoli 1915 medallion  

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    I bet you stood a foot taller after receiving that (I would). I did not realise these could still be issued, in NZ at least.


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    Very interesting thread , and a great read . I didn't know of the Newfoundland connection to Gallipoli thanks for that information . As for other Gallipoli items the Red Cross flag owned by our former member Doug B is an amazing story if you haven't seen it already .

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    This is an English forum

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    Thanks Ubique.
    I can't explain how proud I was when I received it.
    I had to claim it through my Granddad, using it as his request.
    I did all the leg work and he signed the paper work.
    There isn't much time left for Aussie and Kiwi families to claim it.
    If there is anyone out there who has a Gallipoli connection, please contact your government and apply.

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    Gallipoli 1915-2015. Helles, Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair...ANZAC cove.

    Here's a link to some of the photos.

    Hector served from 1914 all the way through till the end and then some.
    He didn't get home till 1920.
    He had only been home for 20 days when he was hit by a train and killed.
    He had lost most of his hearing and probably didn't hear the train.
    He will not be forgotten and my family has claimed what is rightfully his.
    My son will carry it after I go and he will pass it on.

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