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gas hood

Article about: hi guys i know these are rare,could somebody help with a value.........cheers kev

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    Default gas hood

    gas hoodgas hoodgas hood

    hi guys i know these are rare,could somebody help with a value.........cheers kev

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    Two years ago, I traded close to a thousand dollars worth of stuff for this one

    It has the haversack, exhale valve, and full length. It looks like yours has been trimmed on the bottom, as there does not appear to be enough fabric to tuck in to the collar.

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    hi it came in a display case with 2 ww1 cartoon drawings of soldiers wearing one,looks like some idiot has trimmed it to fit the frame....kev

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    I don't think your Helmet is original. There is quite a bit wrong with it. Eye pieces, mouth piece, material cut seams and not two layers of Flannellette.

    Sorry I don't have better news.

    Joe Sweeney

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    thanks joe but ive seen a pic of one almost identical believed pre flannellette,i think perhaps experimenting as they went along ?

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    I don't think "experimenting as they went along" applies to your helmet.

    Here is a bit of info and pics.

    The Metal/Glass eye pieces started to be used with late production Hypo Helmets in ~July/Aug 1915.

    This Helmet was actually issued to Sjt B Coates of RE Special Bde during the summer of 1915:

    This Helmet like most Hypos was manufactured in Flannel (wool) single layer with both pieces being connected by a rather vcomplicated seam to dter leakage.

    The following three Helmets are a P and 2 PH Helmets:

    All three are made of two layers of Flannellette (Cotton) and the seams are again rather complicated and not a simple seam that yours looks to have. Actually when P Helmets were pattern sealed in July of 1915 they were described as using Flannel--this was soon changed.

    All the eye pieces are identical.

    This picture is showing the P helmet eye pieces inside and out.

    The eye pieces were two piece that screwed together with Glass inserts. Note the deepness of the glass.

    The photo below shows the inside eye piece depth and construction--This photo is from the center PH helmet from the above photo.

    Also note the construction of the inside moutrh piece--It's a simple tube costructed with solder.

    A simple Rubber mouth piece fit over the metal---below from the P helmet.

    Also from the P Helmet is the outside exhaust area--without the actual flutter valve.

    The TNA only identifies two manufaturers for the metal parts for these Helmet:

    Matchless Metal Polish Co., Ltd--Liverpool
    Roberts Capsule and Stopper Co., Ltd.---London (still Exists)

    I'm sorry I don't have better news, but its better to know what that Helmet is not and its not a Great War Gas Helmet (P or PH).

    Joe Sweeney

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