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Help Needed with Boer War/WW1 Medal Group and Index Card.

Article about: Hi just wanted to know if any of the experts here could help shine some light into the Boer War/WW1 medal grouping my wife bought me for Xmas. The medals are as follows Queens South Africa m

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    Hi Tom, I owe you a pint or ten for this!!! Been trying without success to access these records for last few days. Cant believe I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle and he was living only up the road from us and next step will be to find his grave at Tewkesbury. Thanks so much Tom I really appreciate what you have done here

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    No problem at all!
    Might be worth downloading the war diary (cost you 3.30), from National Archives, for the 2nd North Staffs to see what he was getting up to

    Cheers, Tom

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    Tom, What can I say this is just amazing. Me and Paula have been trying to access this data for last week without success due to our lack of knowledge accessing the more detailed records via the National Archives. Cant thank you enough as Paula was convinced Albert was a local man and Tewkesbury being just up the road she was right. Again thankyou for being so kind and posting these records here and have to say again Warelics Forum has proved one of the most valuable research tools on this one

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    I will certainly do that Tom as you never know. it seems he saw an awfull lot of war in his lifetime Boer, WW1 then WW2 then Korea. I guessed he must have passed away in the 50's or 60's but good thing with him being local I can try and see if I can find his grave at Tewkesbury and maybe obituary from the newspaper archives locally.

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    It is great when you are one of the lucky ones to find the man you are researching has such complete records surviving, really is hit and miss but so cool when you come up trumps.

    Well done Tom for finding them in this case.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    1st South Staffs in Boer war...

    Help Needed with Boer War/WW1 Medal Group and Index Card.

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just thought that I would post the Medal Index Card both obverse and reverse which has his address.

    Help Needed with Boer War/WW1 Medal Group and Index Card.

    Help Needed with Boer War/WW1 Medal Group and Index Card.

    Best wishes


    p.s. click to enlarge each in a new tab

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    Thanks very much for this one as its far better quality than the version I downloaded from the archives. It appears he gave this address as the one to contact in case he became a casualty in the war and the name given was a Mary Jane Curtis-now Mary Jane Curtis must have been an aunt as his wife has different name. It could be he didn't want any official breaking any bad news if it came??? Cheers Tim

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    His RAF record states "person to be informed of casualties - Mrs Mary Jane Curtis, wife" and same address as the MIC above.

    Cheers, Tom

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    FOUND HIM!!!! Have received photograph today

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