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Hey guys is this a british or usa ww1 helmet?

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    Hi James firstly the colours completely wrong it should be a light brown or tan colour,also look at the Buckle its way to wide for the chinstrap,thats because the leather is a lot slimmer than the original type fitted...............

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    Well spotted Jake. The chinstrap appears slightly narrower than the original which can be seen passing beneath the padding and is bolted to the shell. The latter chinstrap looks like it simply loops back on itself through the bales. Still looks like an old piece of leather though.

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    I can't say that I am a fan of the rivet used on the chinstrap either. That looks an awfully large rivet-head!
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    I wasn't gonna mention the suspect rivet steve but as you have it certainly doesn't look like any field type repair,or even period,all looks way to modern for me,so bringing too many questions into the mix I would pass and wait for another,there's still plenty out there..........

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