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Identifying Brass Instrument...???

Article about: Hello, not sure if this item is Military related or not, but it is extremely puzzling. Wanted to see if someone else knew what it may be. This item has a bit of a story so hold tight as I ex

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    Default Identifying Brass Instrument...???

    Hello, not sure if this item is Military related or not, but it is extremely puzzling. Wanted to see if someone else knew what it may be. This item has a bit of a story so hold tight as I explain

    I was at a local antique show this weekend set up with my own booth. A local man who was about the age of 90 came by with this item, he was not interested in selling it but was going around trying to see if anyone knew what it was. He said he found it in an attic of an older farm house with a few other items. His father had a business of ripping down old buildings, and as a kid he would always explore them before that took place. This item was found in a house on the prairies in Saskatchewan. He said there was 2 homes, both of which were made by 2 brothers who he figured immigrated after WWI. the one brother passed away early in life and the second house sat empty for years until the other brother wanted it removed. When he showed me this item I was stumped but tried my best to speculate. As a token of his appreciation he gave me a plastic bag with something in it and said I was to have this because he knew I would find it interesting. Pretty amazing find haha because as I opened it there was a WWI German Prussian NCO Buckle equip with belt in field grey. I found him again in the show and asked for the history while saying thank you. He said he found the belt and buckle along with a second belt and buckle and this brass instrument in a box in the attic of this house....

    Thats the info I have to go on. How accurate it is I dont know.The item has a scale on the bottom, going from 500-1000 with increments of 50. No unit as far as distance or depth. each half circle has degrees marked on it, from 0-90 on each side. The right half circle slides back and forth on the scale, and has a long arm with an arrow at the end. I took a picture of the only markings on the item, I searched hard for more but there was none.

    Anyways I know its a long shot but if anyone knows what this item feel free to reply, is its killing me to figure it out.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Identifying Brass Instrument...???   Identifying Brass Instrument...???  

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    Reminds me of the german ww2 artillery range setting "calculators"..

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    Do you know exactly how it worked? If that's what it is.

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    Any ideas on the markings as far as if the numbers are a date? or just ID numbers

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    It looks very like a gunner's quadrant, a type of clinometer used by an artillerist to measure the elevation or depression angle of a gun barrel of a cannon or mortar. It may also be 'field made' so to speak, in that it is marked 'Workshops' that suggests to me it was made by regimental/battalion engineers. Interestingly, ISDK is a military acronym for "I Simply Don't Know"......

    All of the above is pure speculation and big ned accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any future difficulties encountered by using this information as gospel or otherwise.
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    No idea what its country of origin is, but I thought you would at least like to see this link Field Artillery Fire Direction Plotters This is not my area of expertise, but thanks for posting your pictures.



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    Thanks for the info everyone, gives a direction to go in as far as research

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