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khaki drill tunic ID

Article about: hi trying to ID this tunic i picked up from a carboot sale recently for £5 but im not 100% sure what pattern it is....ive done a quick search online and going by the description

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    Default khaki drill tunic ID

    hi trying to ID this tunic i picked up from a carboot sale recently for £5 but im not 100% sure what pattern it is....ive done a quick search online and going by the descriptions ive found it sounds like a 1902 pattern......

    there is a cloth label inside but its washed out and impossible to read

    the shoulder titles (RGA) and the collar badges were on it when i bought it and look to have been on for quite some time, sadly no buttons.

    i think the titles are for Royal Garrison Artiliery (1899 to 1924) ?

    main features are
    5 button holes
    2 pleated breast pockets
    scalloped cuffs
    2 brass eyelets to close the collar
    feild dressing pocket on the inside lower skirt
    2 belt hooks on the rear
    . T
    W^D stamp on the inside
    . 7

    if anyone can positivly ID this tunic it would be greatly appreaciated
    thanks again Lee
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture khaki drill tunic ID   khaki drill tunic ID  

    khaki drill tunic ID   khaki drill tunic ID  

    khaki drill tunic ID   khaki drill tunic ID  

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    Default Re: khaki drill tunic ID

    Hi Lee, you are correct: 1902 Pattern Tropical Service Dress. Bargain!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: khaki drill tunic ID

    thanks for the reply
    thats great, now i know for definate.... just got to find some buttons but for a fiver i couldnt loose

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    Default Re: khaki drill tunic ID

    And if the shoulder flashes and collar dogs are original to it, they are for the Royal Garrison Artillery, in existance from 1899 to 1924 when they re-amalgamated with the Royal Artillery.

    As the man says.....Bargain!!

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Default Re: khaki drill tunic ID

    Wow! What a find! Are you going to clean it up? looks like it just needs some buttons and you have a great piece there. If its for sale let me know

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    Default Re: khaki drill tunic ID


    The KD frock is post 1924 and not a 1902 KD frock (actually no such thing as a 1902 KD frock).

    Prior to 1924 British made Frocks had pointed pocket flaps for the Universal, Highland and 1915 Simplified versions. The Indian pattern had straight pocket flaps, but both UK and Indian patterns both had a single bacxk panel and no seam down the center of trhe back until the UK 1924 pattern adopted Indian style pockets and modified the pattern by adding the center seam.

    With KD Drill uniform patterns there are actually two different Armies in question; the British Army and the Indian Army. In this case the Indian Army includes all British Battalions stationed in India or under Indian Army control in theatres of war such as Mesopotamia.

    The Indian Army Pattern KD Drill frocks were of slightly different pattern than those made in the UK for the British Army. Indian Army Pattern is easily distinguishable from the British pattern by the straight pocket flaps.

    Two Indian Army Clothing Factories existed:

    1. Alipore—supplied all units in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th and 8th Divisions and Bannu, Kohat and Derajat Brigades
    2. Madras—supplied all units of the 4th, 5th, 6th and Burma Divisions and Aden Brigade)

    I do not have detailed pattern information on the Indian Patterns.
    Below is an example of Indian Manufactured KD frock being worn by a British soldier.

    For British manufactured KD frocks the Evolution is as follows:

    5875/1903—New pattern introduced—Classis pattern with turn down collar, two darts at collar and pointed pocket flaps.

    5875a---Aug 1906 --removed ID card in pocket

    5875b/1908—Metal titles instead of Embroidered titles

    8226/1915--March 1915 First pattern Simplified KD introduced.

    This example of a simplified frock is from the 1/5th Essex.

    These three soldiers show a mix of the Pre-war and simplified pattern UK manufactured KD Frocks.

    March 1917 instructions issued that Shoulder straps of pattern 5875b would be machine sewn on instead of hand sewn.

    July 1918 Committee approved pattern—new revised simplified pattern.

    1924—KD to be made in new shade of KD drill and in India Pattern.

    Hope this is of interest.
    Joe Sweeney

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    Default Re: khaki drill tunic ID

    pretty comprehensive post, thanks for the the info, welcome to the forum

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