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M15 Adrian helmet

Article about: Hi guys. Here is my little M15 Adrian helmet, by little I mean very small. My god some certainly had small heads, this looks silly next to a 64 sized M16 German helmet.

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    There are 2 rectangular metal fixtures--one on each side of the inside shell, that allow for the band attachment. I love the old world elegance of the M15. I've owned several in the past but not currently. With the 100th anniv. of WWI coming, I think I'll hunt up a nice one. may be 4 attach. fixtures, its been awhile since I fiddled....I believe they are soldered(?).....front, back, and sides (?) Somebody with one can do a follow up post on this issue.

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    There are 4 rectangular, corrogated alloy plates that are each fixed to the shell by 2 metal tangs that are bent over to hold the plate in place. My question is how the inner liner is fixed to the plates (if at all)

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    Nice historic lid.
    If it was good enough for Churchill, its good enough for me.

    Also interesting info about the 'veterans plate.' Thank you all.

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    AFAIK the reason for the ridge on the elegant French helmet, was that the 'Adrian' was originally adated from existing dies for helmets for 'Pompiers' (firemen) and 'Cuirassiers' (Cavalrymen).

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    It sure is a thin gauge steel, especially when compared to a German lid. I wouldn't be too hopeful of it stopping a bullet.

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    LOL~~~~ it had to be better than a kepi!

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    It sure is a thin gauge steel, especially when compared to a German lid. I wouldn't be too hopeful of it stopping a bullet.
    AFAIK they werent made to stop rifle or MG bullets and few thought they would.

    It was found, that steel helmets drastically reduced the number of lives lost to splinters from exploding grenades thus the French were the first to issue steel lids in WWI.

    The story goes that a French general got wind that a 'Poilu' was saved by wearing his steel food pot under his issued soft gear.

    Most likely just that (a story), but one would like think, that it began thus.

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