J.4467 Leading Seaman A.Charlton Royal Navy

DSM awarded, 1919, for services onboard 'Monitor 27' during action on the Archangel River.

At 4.a.m. on the morning of the 20th June, the Russian 60 pounders and M.27, firing her triple-4" opened on Topsa and targets in the vicinity.

"M.27's" attention was confined to the neighbourhood of Topsa Church as that was known as a spotting position, but she had orders to avoid a direct hit if possible as we might want it for a similar purpose. Her fire was accurate and effective. at 4.30 a.m. the bombardment of Topsa ceased and the First Division opened fire on the Troitsa area.


I cannot speak too highly of the admirable spirit of the crew of "M.27"...... They worked incessantly, firstly lightening the ships, then laying out the anchors and wores, taking in the tow, etc., frequently without meal hours and always with a single-hearted debvotion to their ships which made the final destruction particularly hard. I have never seen a small ships company so smart, well disciplined and clean and so sincerely attached to their officers and their ship as that of "M.27". They have performed most valuable and gallant services in action on many occasions and had good reason for pride in their ship.