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Need help please US BOLO KNIFE

Article about: Need help please on this US bolo knife model 1917 . A.C.C.O. condition seems good with original Scabbard. Let me know please .thanks

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    Default Need help please US BOLO KNIFE

    Need help please on this US bolo knife model 1917 . A.C.C.O.
    condition seems good with original Scabbard.
    Let me know please .thanks
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Need help please US BOLO KNIFE   Need help please US BOLO KNIFE  

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    I believe this is the wrong scabbard, as this model BOLO took the early scabbard with a locking hook notice the hole in the BOLO cross guard for attaching. BILL
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    Thank you

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    These CT (Commercial Tolerance) 1918 dated (both Plumb & ACCo made variants) were the last variant of US M1917 Bolos made. All of the M1910/M1917 Bolos' variants were made with the hole in their crossguard so that they could use either version of earlier M1910 or later M1917 Bolo Scabbards' variants. The US Army possessed large stocks of earlier M1910 Bolo Scabbard's variants on-hand and when the locking stud was deleted on the M1917 Bolo variant as a cost cutting manufacturing measure, they wanted to still be able to use the earlier M1910 Scabbards with integral locking latches with the latest M1917 Bolo Knife's variant. As such, they all (M1910/M1917 Bolos) have the holes in their crossguards.

    There were so many of these knives manufactured/delivered at the very end of WWI that the US Army had plenty in storage's stocks for use during WWII. As such, these are (for those living in the USA) an easily obtained bolo knife (in any condition). The one you have posted while not abused, is not something I'd settle for condition-wise. Wait a few weeks and on eBay, there will be one or two stone mint (or at least better than what has been posted) examples for purchase. My point being, this specific model of Bolo is not such a rare acquisition that you should settle for one in this state unless you simply desire to own an example and more importantly, it works for your budget.

    That said, I'd strongly recommend, passing on the posted example. Instead, spend a tad more money, and obtain a mint version that you won't have to share the "I like the used examples cause they really have a story to tell" quip, which in reality translates to "It's what I could afford to purchase." No offense meant to those who employ that verbiage, it's just what those statements are really implying to my ears. "I like its can see by its use, it's been part of real history....not locked up in storage....yadda yadda yadda." More likely the noted "been there" use has been incurred during several decades of gardening or Boy Scout Scout Leader's use.

    No, not every knife acquired needs to be stone mint yet, barring some direct family connection or some clear/interesting provenance specifically, buying a less than pristine M1917 CT Bolo (either Plumb or ACCo variant) is passing on low-hanging fruit and for no good reason. But hey, if you like "been there history" have at it. Thoughts complete.


    V/r Lance

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    Good advice there. It is a "tad" (a good word) rusty.

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