For some Years I have been interested in the true story about Winnie the Pooh, yes the story about the Vet from the 5 Battn CEF buying the Bear cub from an "Indian" who had shot it's mother for $50 at White River Ontario.

However at a small museum I saw a Photo of a Perry Sound unit with a Bear as it's mascot, I explained that it was not Winnie as the photo was taken in 1915 here in Canada, Winnie was in the UK in Late 1914, I could not convince the director.

That started me on a hunt for other WW1 Canadian CEF unit that had Bears as Mascots, up to this date I have found 5 Battns used them, however I have lost the notes I had on them and can now only ID 2 Battns that had Bears, the 19th Battalion out of Toronto, and the 147th Battalion from Halton Ontario

So here are 2 photos of those units with there Bear Cub Mascots.

Dean O

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