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A Piece of WW1 "KIT" I have always wanted and now have!!!

Article about: Well I received this in the mail yeaterday, I have always wanted a Crown and Anchor game from WW1 The base is a green oil cloth, came with the 3 dice and the leather cup. It sure shows a lot

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    Well Anon, I retract my early statements, if this came with the leather cup, and (well it is hard to put all the bits in now as it could harm the items) Then I DO think it is Boar War or WW1..I guess I missed that as well as missing the fact that one die was found aside from the rest...with that said, I still stand beside my earlier statement that if I saw this, I would buy it in a heart beat.

    Like many day to day items, I do not think anyone will ever write a book on it, WE COULD, but with only would not be the end all!!!

    Take Care and love those items!!!!

    Dean O

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    The great thing about forums is that we can discuss these items, have a think about, look again at the images provided, do some more research, see what others have to say and then regardless of how many miles separate us come to some sort of conlusion Dean.

    I posted from the start that without some serious known history, items like this could date from any period, within certain parameters, and might not have started life together, but like you I long had wanted a set and this set as soon as I saw it I liked it and as I don't see these for sale, I jumped on it regardless of any possible concerns that I or others might have. In the hand it is a one looker.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Anon, I have checked, yours is a !00% repro, made last year and aged..I will do you a favour my friend and get you out of this horribile repro

    I will give you 3 pounds for it!!!! have a good one!!!! So just kidding before anyone jumps on me!!!

    Dean O

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