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Post-US civil war coastal artillary jacket?

Article about: I went on and found out this uniform belonged to John W. Spainhour. He lived in Donnaha, NC right down the road from where I live. He enlisted April 25th 1907.

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    The 9 button frock coat with a stand up collar was used extensively during the early days of the war but as time wore on the 4 button fatigue jacket became the most common jacket worn by northern troops more for comfort and convience than looks. Many of the frock coats were cut down to shell jacket styles. (See photo of soldier.) A large number of the Veteran Volunteers units wore cut down frocks until they were worn out. Then four button fatigue jackets that had open collar but could be buttoned up. (see picture)
    Northern shell jackets usually had stand up collars, 12 buttons and were waist length used by mounted troops, cavalry and mounted artillery. They had small pillow shaped belt holders on the back to keep their pistol belts and equipment from rupturing the kidneys from prolonged hard rides. Please see pictures.
    The Northern fatigue jacket had a fold over collar and fit loosely to provide comfort. Many had large upper left side chest pockets. They are VERY hard to find today. I have included a photo of an Indian war cavalry model 72 fatigue jacket with 5 buttons. It is close to the civil war model but with 1 more button.
    Confederate uniforms were catch as catch can. All shades of grey wool , "butternut" which was dyed with wallnut and hickery hull juice that varied in color from a light kaki color to a reddish brown. The cloth having a cotton warp and a wool weft spun and woven on home looms, all combinations of button counts. If union style buttons and belt buckles were worn they were upside down to indicate being in rebellion. The fatigue jacket style became very popular with Southern troops also. ( see signed picture of Confederate corporal from New Orleans) The farther West you got the less formal use of uniforms and many times just personal firearms, clothing, a slouch hat and quilt for a bedroll. Many of the Confederate mounted troops from Missouri, Arkansas, the Indian nations etc. rode " Missouri mules " as much as horses. They were steady, sure footed and had stamina.
    Just consider this post a very short dissertation on US civil war uniforms.
    Now everybody needs to believe in something so I believe I am going to have a beer and relax.
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    Very nice done Steve!
    BUT, you forgot the Zouaves!!!
    There are always exceptions out there too. For example, the 22nd NY National Guards maintained their Gray uniforms throughout the war, except for their brief stints of activite "Federal" duty at Harper's Ferry and Gettysburg.
    PS I like your belief system. I need to go find a beer...

    BTW, gooseandspoons, I am glad you were able to get a nice history on that jacket! Still a bargain at $1!!!!

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    thanks guys

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