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Qsa & pip,squeak & wilfred

Article about: Here's an intresting group for your Opinions guys. This Bar of medals belonged to a work mate of mines Grandfather (not for sale staying with the family ) he asked me if i would mount them i

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    Default Qsa & pip,squeak & wilfred

    Here's an intresting group for your Opinions guys. This Bar of medals belonged to a work mate of mines Grandfather (not for sale staying with the family ) he asked me if i would mount them in a nice frame for him. The issue is as you can see is the state of the ribbons .As someone who has always believed that things are only original once it pains me to think that all the ribbons will need replacing because of rot & Mildew (presently these could only be displayed flat but my friend wants them wall mounted) Incidently The Queens south africa medal is to 5116 H.Manners Royal west Surrey Regt ,The 1914 15 Star is to 4717 2 A M H H Manners RFC, The War and Victory medals are to 4717 Cpl H H Manners RAF.
    New ribbons or leave as is ? what do you think Folks ,cheers Paul

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    Not a crime to replace with original ribbons, IMO.
    The bar will look so much better - though it's a
    shame that it was left to corrode and decay.

    Also, I'd gently remove the verdigris on the
    front of the 14/15 Star only and leave the
    other medals just as they are.........


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    Since you are asking for opinions, I agree with Steve, no harm in replacing the ribbons to freshen the look. Maybe keep the originals as part of the display?


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    The medals and bars are the important part. Replacing the rotted ribbons with decent condition and brightly colored pieces should be no problem. I particularly like the Boer War.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    It would kill me to replace those ribbons. That is part of the charm of this group.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    I'd leave them be too. It is part of the history of the group. Having been in the same family all these years they tell a story of being received with pride only to fall on bad times in later years by being poorly stored and then rediscovered by the same family who again are proud of their family members achievements.


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    leave alone.

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    In the condition the ribbons are in, they do not warrant replacing in my opinion. There may be a few holes, but they look to be generally sound.
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    i have to agree ,leave the ribbons be ,it would be a shame to tamper with themthey will make for a fine display just as they are

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    Thanks for all your replys Gentlemen i too err on the side of keeping the originals, The one that has totally lost its integrity is the 1914/15 but i suppose it wouldn't be rocket science to invisibly support the medal without putting stress on the ribbon
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