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Rare french prototype helmet

Article about: Just showing thise Belgian prototype helmet who have similar forms to yours... Maybe a field ajustment...

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    Default Rare french prototype helmet

    Does anyone has any info on this helmet.
    The helmet looks more like a German M42.

    Rare french prototype helmetRare french prototype helmet

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    Hi Chris, ive seen one of these before and I'm racking my brains to think where, I'm pretty sure it was in a uniform and headgear book but I've looked at the books I've got handy and cant find it, i cant even remember if its WW1 or 2, it does remind me of a tank crewmans helmet and shield

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    I have also look around.
    I have seen some that kind of look like this one ,but to that close to it.

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    Interesting article here about experimental helmets; Rare WWI-WWII Experimental Military Visor Helmets The Official Radio-Guy.Com Newsletter

    Might be worth contacting him as he appears to have quite a collection of them and more than likely has a lot of knowledge about the subject too.



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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    Thank you Danny ,I look at the site before I posted the threat .
    did not see this helmet on it.Maybe it is not ww1 but ww2.
    Thank for your help.

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    anymore info on this.

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    Hi Chris .
    Thats a Scarce French WW1 face viser for wear fixed to the Casque Adrien . i dont know if they were on general issue as the troops didnt like them i think ! I dont know why its fixed to a German shell . Probably someone post WW2 fixing up a theatrical costume of some kind ...?

    In the Book by Laurent Mirouze and Stephane Dekerle (vol 2 Armee Francaise) there is a chapter on the evolution of the Adrien helmet and various experimental armour for the French Army . They definately issued steel shoulder plates that were covered in uniform wool so they hardly notice .
    On your viser you can i think still see blue grey french paint . I wish i had this !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Rare french prototype helmet  

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    Im not too sure that its fixed to a german shell, theres no liner pin holes nor vents, it cant be M42 style because of the rolled edge, I'm thinking its a complete made up piece, theres no fixings for the liner either which makes no sense, unless another helmet was used as the liner like the M1,which would stand to reason

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    This is not my helmet this was on ebay .
    I am thinking the shell probably did not go with the face piece.
    Dave you are correct not a M42 something else.

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    Default Re: Rare french prototype helmet

    I think it is a US "Experimental Helmet No8" with a Polack visor fitted. The US and France had some joint developments related to visored helmets during WWI.
    Page 219 of the book link below shows the helmet with another visor fitted.

    Helmets and body armor in modern warfare - Bashford Dean, Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.) - Google Books

    This would be extremely rare and doesn't look like it ever had a liner or strap fitted.

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