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RMS Lusitania Medal

Article about: Hi Guys, this one came into work last week and I thought that you might like to see it? Still in it's box and in nice condition. Cheers, Ade.

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    Quote by Watchdog View Post
    I have one of these somewhere but I have always regarded it as a later copy as I believe there are more copies than originals about.
    Does anyone know how to identify an original?
    If mine is real I think I should rescue it from the bottom of the "odds and sods box"


    Greetings Mark,

    This video discusses the differences between the German original & British Copies.



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    Thanks for that Lance

    As I say I have always regarded mine as a later repro and have never paid much mind to it. It was given to me at a time and place I just don't recall so there is no issue of loss potential here.

    Interestingly this video discusses an "original" German striking of this medal yet if I recall my history of propaganda correctly the Germans have always denied that such a thing was ever done (it would be extremely dishonourable in terms of the "rules of war" and don't see the Kaisers Navy being very happy about it) and the accepted line has been that it was the British who produced this and circulated the tale the "the dastardly Hun" was glorying in the deaths of non-combattants.

    I know that history often needs to be re-written when new facts are discovered as evidence comes to light so perhaps I am out of date with this story.
    Do you know of this medal being finally attributed to German sources?

    This of course makes no difference to the "original versus later repro" debate as whoever produced it this is still a valid question.

    Thanks again for the link which is helpful.


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    Hold the presses, found this website and it would appear there are magnetic German made variants too.




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