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Royal Flying Corps air drop message streamer

Article about: I picked this up today in a local antiques center and though I knew of their existence, I had never seen another in the hand or for sale, so I could not resist buying. Used to drop messages

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    There was another site that mentions it, with one being sold on ebay, but that I don't appear to have.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Well I contacted Hendon and they have replied saying that it is indeed difficult to date - there were no differences between RAF and RFC streamers as far as they were aware. They were reticent to give an answer as to it's authenticity - which I can certainly appreciate.

    The Seller has not responded to my enquiry for extra photos as yet.

    At this time, I think it prudent to wait and see and keep on the lookout for other examples.

    Thank you again Jerry and 4th.


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    How much was it being sold for, if I may ask?


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    From memory, it is GBP65.

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    The very first RFC item that I ever owned was one of these message streamers. It was given to me by an elderly lady in the 1990's - she was over 100yrs old. Her husband had been a pilot with 100 Sqn during WW1, Major Christopher Bean, flying Fe2b's and later, HP 0/400's.

    When she gave it to me, she stated it had been dropped over the church on their wedding day during 1918. I was a little sceptical at first about the tale until I looked inside the pouch and found two letter-headed notes on RFC & RAF notepaper wishing the happy couple all the best on their special day. Therefore, I am 100% certain it is of WW1 vintage and used by the RFC & RAF. How long after WW1 was it still used? Who knows!

    I doubt it is repro as it is too obscure to bother with and I would expect to see slight variations in colour and stitching in the same was as any other uniform items - it is unlikely that they were only made at one factory from one bolt of cloth! I have seen several other examples since I obtained mine and they are all of a similar style. I see no reason to doubt the autheticity of the one shown.

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    Default Streamer from afc pilot albert packer trunk

    Another example that may be of interest.
    It is one of two found in AFC pilot Albert Packers trunk. Albert was in No. 4 Squadron.
    Both have the same stamp as seen in photo.
    Neither have ever been used.
    Albert imported a Junkers to South Australia in 1929 and I have often wondered if they were to be used in that aircraft, or were left over from WW1
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Royal Flying Corps air drop message streamer   Royal Flying Corps air drop message streamer  

    Royal Flying Corps air drop message streamer  

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    Very nice Tobruk!

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you Allegra, any ideas on the stamp?

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    My research brought me here having recently returned from S Africa with 3 airdrop message streamers.
    Two are faded and show some use but are still in remarkable condition.
    One is almost pristine - given its age of course.
    All three are red/yellow/blue, single popper and relate favourably to item# FLA 5449 at the IWM in Duxford.
    No weights or messages - sadly.
    I also found what I have been led to believe is the gyroscopic guidance system for a Mark XII aerial torpedo - the sort of thing deployed from, inter alia, the Fairey Swordfish during WWII.
    Unusually, perhaps, it has cut-aways showing the internal workings, so may possibly have been used as a training device ?
    Have little idea of value, or indeed where I should begin to market them, but am more than happy to send along images etc if there is any interest out there ?

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    .....forgot to mention that I also picked up a WWII silk escape map of Scandinavia and The Baltic in mint/unused condition.
    Have been reluctant to open it out in case it disintegrates but probably worrying unnecessarily as its probably made of sterner things !

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