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Royal flying corps cap: Opinions please

Article about: Compared to my 37' pattern caps this cap is made from propper 'hairy' serge material, it has a fragile wide oilcloth sweatband and a lining that looks like it used to be red but has faded to

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    It's a very interesting item for sure. One thing I do like about it is the material used for the sweatband. The black flaking material is very typical of WW1 period British SD caps, so that's definitely working in it's favour for it being genuine.

    I am still being thrown by the officer cap badge. It's not impossible to imagine a scenario where an OR cap might be worn with an officer's badge, a senior NCO perhaps?

    I am leaning towards a good feeling about the cap Hopefully someone else will be able to add to this discussion soon...



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    Thanks for the reply Rob. Yes I have never seen an oilcloth sweatband in a ww2 fs cap before, or this rougher material, or this lining for that matter. It all feels right. The badge could well have been a senior nco's. I have seen bladed badges many times on all sorts of caps...not just officers ones so its wrong to assume only officers ever used that type of badge fitting. There are no other holes under the badge for a lugged one so its never had a lugged badge. I'm going to assume its genuine unless anyone says otherwise....maybe wishful thinking but I cant see any reason, other than the badge fitting not to.

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