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Todays find WW1 British tunic at rubbish dump

Article about: Picked up this ww1 British tunic today at the local Rubbish dump ,crazy what people throw away

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    Now that it is rescued, can you tell us more about it? NH

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    Sorry Neil nothing more to tell I am sorry to say , the label has come apart as can be seen in the photos so no name can be read

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    Understood. But I meant more basic things like model of jacket, rank, the meaning of the thread work on the cuffs etc. I'm not familiar with these types of tunics and would welcome some details for my own reference. Thanks, NH

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    I think its ranked as a Capt but as there is no collar badges and has General service buttons I didn't what Regt the guy was with

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    I think I can see 'Capt. Blackadder' written in pencil?

    Todays find WW1 British tunic at rubbish dump

    Todays find WW1 British tunic at rubbish dump

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    WWI captains "cuff rank" tunic, phased out by the end of WWI and replaced with rank on the shoulder straps, the later type were known as Wind Up" tunics implying the owners had the wind up meaning they were scared. Most units went over to shoulder board ranks during the war to make officers less visible to snipers, some started doing it as early as 1915, though some regiments were a bit pompous about it. Robert Graves who joined the RWF but first served overseas in the front line with the Welsh was then transferred to 2/RWF where they commented on his wind up tunic. Mind you, 2/RWF still expected junior officers to wear shorts in the front line including during night time trench raids at this period, partly because they had been in India prior to the start of the great war and partly because they were mad old soldiers. Genuine example nearly always have the full waist band showing the construction and also most will have the small change pocket on the waistband as this has. Later tunics drop either or both features and by WWII they do not have the waist band or the change pocket.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Awesome find and indeed rescue!great info Jerry...........

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    It's true that shoulder rank became widespread during the War, but cuff rank tunics are still seen just as commonly in photos from the final months of 1918. Cuff ranking wasn't officially abolished till the early 20s (I think 22 or 23) and I've even seen an example dated 1926.

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