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trench sweeper

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    Cool trench sweeper

    i have a model 1897 winchester pump shotgun with US stamped on reciever also the date of 1918 on barrel i checked serial number gun was made in late 1918 also has cooler on barrel and clip for bayonet i was told it is a trench sweeper . any idea of rarity and value ?

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    Trench sweeper is a slang term or nickname - also known as the trench broom.

    Officially it is a Trench Gun.

    If it is all original and in good condition, then it is rare and probably quite valuable - I have seen reference to $2000 +.

    Lot of repros and fakes around.

    Hope that helps a little.



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    Richie is correct on all points.................. !

    It would be great if you could post a few photos !
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