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The U.S. M-1917 & M-1918 Trench Knives’ Thread (Yes, just the wooden handled ones).

Article about: Greetings all, With the popularity of The U.S. M1918 Mk. I Trench Knife Thread I thought it was high time to complete a companion thread

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    Default Two veterans meet to discuss old times.

    Here we have two veterans from France. The M-1917 (left) is from a USMC assembly point (The 6th MG Battalion's) located about ten miles from Saint-Mihiel and the M-1918 (right) knife hails from the vicinity of Belleau wood (but not Belleau Wood proper). Interestingly, both were found with the remnants of their Jewell scabbards still on them along with their M-1910 belt hooks intact.

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    Default An example of an original O. C. L. that has the wrong blade's orientation.

    Greetings all,

    In post #8 of this thread I posted an H. D. & S. variant with the wrong blade's orientation. Below is an original O. C. L., also with wrong blade's orientation. Was the handle replaced, who knows, but the blade did not originally depart the factory oriented this way.

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    Default WWII Usage.

    Greetings all,

    I wanted to add some WWII (era) replacement leather scabbards (all private purchased affairs) and two WWII modified knives. The top one is a M1918 L. F. & C. variant and the bottom one is a M1917 A. C. CO. variant. Each has had their knuckle bows cut off. This modification makes the knife lighter and less prone to catch on equipment/foliage when worn. The end result, is pretty much an ice pick.


    V/r Lance

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    Default Close but no cigar:-(

    Greetings all,

    I recently obtained an image I had posted earlier in a significantly higher resolution (2nd picture down in post #7 of this thread) and with that better resolution, it is clear that the circled object is some sort of buttoned pouch (perhaps for a compass?) riding just above this Soldier's French M2 Gas Mask. In any case, it is obviously not a trench knife's knuckle bow. Whap whap waaaaaaaahhhh.


    V/r Lance

    P.S. This clarification, explains away my own (internal) confusion on how the supposed knuckle bow was reversed in its orientation when worn on the wearer's left side.

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    Default An M1918 amongst other souvenirs on Armistice Day November 11, 1918.

    Greetings all,

    A member of the Motor Truck Company 464 Motor Supply Train 417 CPL. Russell S. White of Oakland, California proudly shows off his souvenirs on Armistice Day 1918. Notice, the L. F. & C. M-1918 Trench Knife in front of the Chasseur’s badged Adrian helmet.


    V/r Lance

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Name:	CPL. Russell S. White Nov. 11th, 1918.jpg 
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