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Unknown CEF(?) Hat - Value?

Article about: Hello Gentlemen, I've had this hat for some time but know nothing about it. I'm looking to let go of it to a good home since I don't have time or will to properly take care of it, so now is

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    Default WW1 Canadian Officers Hat

    Hello Gentlemen,

    I've had this hat for some time but know nothing about it.

    I'm looking to let go of it to a good home since I don't have time or will to properly take care of it, so now is the time for me to learn something.
    What is it?
    What is a fair asking price for it?

    I'm perfectly willing to provide more photos of any aspect you need to see.

    I've investigated the hat badge a little bit and the wheel does turn, it's attached to the hat by little metal fingers that are bent to pierce the fabric and not by any cotter pins.

    Thanks for your time.

    Attachment 821724Attachment 821723Attachment 821725Attachment 821726Attachment 821727Attachment 821728
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    Hi, It is a classic mid WW I officers 'floppy' style SD cap. Th chin strap is missing as are the buttons, the badge is a Canadian Artillery officers bronze badge - looks right for the era but they had the same configuration until 1953. The silk lining is in poor shape too. So, all in all not the best and not the worst. Value - a bit shy of one seventy five USD or so, maybe less depending on the day at auction.

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    Nice patina on the badge. Hard to know if original to the cap but it doesn't look out of place to me. Wondered if someone might comment on the multiple vent grommets at the back of the cap. I haven't seen this before. Is it a custom feature?

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    The vents are very typical of the wartime floppy style trench cap, officers affected all manner of jaunty looks, but when you consider that the cap was worn in conditions that are much more physically demanding than regular SD use additional venting is a nice feature.

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    Ah - excellent things to know.

    About the badge - there doesn't appear to be any damage from another badge being placed or removed anywhere on the cap. On the inside there's oxidization on the tangs that's stained the liner and I do believe that it's been developing for some time. The oxidization on the inside is the same colour as the small dots where the buttons for the chinstrap used to be, not sure if that's helpful or not.

    The badge also has a little bit of a warp that the hat has come to accept around the band, another potential sign they've been together for a while, I think.

    Is there anywhere in particular outside of here and the bay that would be appropriate places to list?

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    It is a very nice cap.

    You could sell it in the forum classified ads section.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Value closer to $250-300 despite the missing chinstrap (sometimes seen removed as a personal affectation) and worn lining. You could not buy this cap in the UK for 120($175).



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    Ade, Mark - thank you both for your responses.

    The more I hear about this hat the more I lean towards getting a good box for it for the remainder of the summer and keeping it for display next year.

    Would you believe I got it for $20 at goodwill 7 years ago?

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    I'd keep it for the money it owes you. Its a classic 'soft/floppy' officers cap. Desirable and difficult to replace. regards Mark

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    A lovely cap, which I notice is now for sale.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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