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US army adrian helmet?!

Article about: Hello everyone! What do you thinks of this one..... I know that in the early stages of the US army's involvement in WWI soldiers were supplied with French gear but this helmet has got me puz

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    Default US army adrian helmet?!

    Hello everyone!
    What do you thinks of this one..... I know that in the early stages of the US army's involvement in WWI soldiers were supplied with French gear but this helmet has got me puzzled.
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    American experimental helmets from WWI | Military Trader
    This article confirms that the US did use Adrian helmets!...
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    The US did use Adrian helmets but this one is no good in my opinion the us plate looks like it has been added later

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    I did some quick research and found JJ O'Brien listed among S.S.U.72's roster of Volunteer Ambulance Drivers in 1917...He was from Durham, NC...
    I had a good feeling about this one from the start...Well done and thanks for showing!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Still don't like the brass on the front seems like it is newer addition could you post close ups

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    unfortunaly the pics are from an ebay auction so that's all I've got.... Oh and the helmet was sold for 605$!!!!

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    The question as to whether or not U.S. troops wore the French Adrian helmet is certainly open to discussion, and an interesting discussion it is. I read the article that Gunny Hartmann provided, and while I don't totally reject it, I have doubts as to its historical accuracy. This is a quote from America's Munitions: Report of Benedict Crowell, Assistant Secretary of War, Director of Munitions, Washington: GPO, 1919, p.223, "When America entered the war she had, naturally, no distinctive helmet; and the English type, being the easiest to make, was adopted to fill the gap until we could design a more efficient one ourselves. Consequently, 400,000 British helmets were bought in England and issued to the vanguard of the American Expeditionary Forces." Does anyone have any photographs of U.S. troops in France wearing the Adrian helmet? I can believe that U.S. citizens who served with the French, and some ambulance drivers who were in France before we entered the war, would have worn the Adrian, but I'm not so sure that U.S, troops per se wore them.
    There is nothing in America's Munitions about the U.S. buying French helmets, though it's possible that some relatively small purchases were made in France by the AEF's QM. I checked vol I of General Pershing's 2 vol. wartime memoirs, and though he describes in detail the equipment and supplies the AEF bought in France, there is no mention of helmets. The 1917 British purchase certainly Met the AEF's initial requirements. U.S. production of steel helmets based on the British design, but with an improved suspension and liner, started very shortly after we declared war and by February 1918, 700,000 had been shipped to France. In July the number reached 3,000,000, August 6,000,000, and September 7,000,000. I have to agree with Gel65, I think the helmet offered for sale is probably bogus. Dwight

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    There was 4 Black American units that wore Adrian helmets they had a special shield on the front and they were painted brown.
    The AFS also had Adrian helmets.
    The one that started the threat I do not like.

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    U.S church maned by US men near the lines. in the french section. looks like these men are wearing adrian helmets.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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