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US OR Jacket

Article about: Rene I also have a few extra buttons look OB the back see who made then see if we can hook you up. Don't buy ebay I'll send you one . Gary

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    Default US OR Jacket

    G'day all

    I received this jacket yesterday and it's not the standard type, can anyone help here on any info
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    Tailor made. Nice coat. Rich A. in Pa.
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    looks WW I,, great history

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    My first thought was WWI. The high collar.

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    It is a private purchase model 1917. Very nice.
    It has a 1st army artillery patch with a coastal artillery collar tab with a discharge stripe and a 6 months over seas chevron. AEF coastal artillery are very hard to find especially in that nice of a condition. Got yourself a real good one friend.

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    Cheers guys, coastal artillery, I would never have guessed. Much appreciated SteveR

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    Hi Rene

    WW1 artillery would be my guess based on insignia. Now that is a nice jacket! How you are well, Rene.


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    Rene great jacket . Are you missing a button . Gary

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    Cheers Gary and Green
    Yep I'm short a button, and I was just on evilbay in search of one. I have these in my watch list- WWI ERA US ARMY BUTTONS Group 2 | eBay

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    Hi Rene,
    I have a button for you, sent you a PM. Very nice uniform by the way

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