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US WWI M-8 Experimental Helmet

Article about: Hows it going today everyone? Was browsing across a auction site and found the M-8 Experimental. Iv seen pictures, and tried doing some research. There not very common to find for trade or s

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    Greetings Dwight,

    Agreed, more of an “investment” piece or high end collector’s item. Definitely not a “starter helmet” for the newer collector;-) I think the price reflects its market rarity and there are those who can afford it. Not my cup of tea (even if you quartered its price), but since it was of topical interest in this thread I thought it’d be worth sharing.



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    Very cool looking lid, though the broken tongue puts me off, only a mint one for me, LOL. Yeah beyond my budget, but very cool all the same.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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