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worth selling?

Article about: i really dont like the idea of selling this kinda stuff. but i havent got any work this week. any ideas on price?

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    aaaaahhhh i didnt see that bit. i thought it was origional. bo##ocks

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    The other problem you have with this, is that there is no provenance surrounding it, no names to relate it to, no circumstances etc, intrinsic value, very little, in another two years it becomes a 100yr old piece of paper, but again with very little value to it except as a mildly historic poem penned by an unknown person , taken from a book written by a poet

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    I think ill keep it. Thanks for the help as ever guys. Invaluable help here

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    On August 20, 2014, you can look at the paper and think about who may have been writing that 100 years ago to the day, where they might have been, and what might have happened to them. Just an interesting, nostalgic kind of thing.

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    as previously mentioned, this is written by Julia Carney.

    it's a hymn and was published in 1863.

    copied out of a hymnal or by memory i suppose.

    where is the "3/6"? maybe i'm blind but i don't see it.

    a wild guess is there were not enough hymnals and this was copied so that it could be sung and the copies were numbered (number 3 out of 6 copies) for handing out to different singers based on their register or whatnot for a performance. just a wild guess.

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