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WW1 British Canadian camo helmet

Article about: Hello what you guys think of this helmet camo? Have not seen this on a WW1 Tommy helmet before. Thanks

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    Love that second shot of the vent lug MAP. The horizontal brush stroke and the thin black line beside the main separation line which looks as though it may have been made by the metal part of the brush that holds the hairs. Looking at the vent lug there is I no variation between the rusted surface and the camo part. I.e. no sanding marks etc. a textbook example of what a real camo looks like. It’s all of these little details and finger prints that I find fascination.

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    I offered $125 USD and never heard back lol. Reasoning is because of that exposed white ASB pad and how that will possibly affect value. Plus the fact it is not a war camo.

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