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WW1 British cap badges

Article about: A nice selection of WW1 British cap badges along with some German buttons. Sadly the Welsh badges are missing the lugs Cheers, Ade.

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    Default WW1 British cap badges

    A nice selection of WW1 British cap badges along with some German tunic and shoulder strap buttons.

    Sadly the Welsh badges are missing the lugs The Cheshire Volunteer Regt enameled badge is fitted with a buttonhole fastener and is serial numbered.

    The enamel Central Association of Volunteer Training Corps is also nice. Formed 1914 and disbanded 1920.

    Some more WW1 cap badges can be seen here in another thread I started this morning:

    Battle damaged Imperial German belt buckle

    Cheers, Ade.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW1 British cap badges  
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    Looks like the sort of stuff that turns up in a shoe box at a house clearing. I love finds like this.

    Those two lapel badges are the kind of thing that really sparks conversation and leads to other stuff, sort of "did you know?" etc.

    The VTC were a kind of pre-cursor to the Home Guard I think but as well as encourageing those not in uniform to learn military skills they worked to support the war effort in anyway possible.

    The Cheshire badge I think I am correct in saying is the type of thing worn in civilian attire by those who had volunteered but before units were fully formed or uniforms and kit were issued.

    The crossed flags are an early type of arm badge worn by signals trades and still worn today in cloth form.


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