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WW1 Brodie Helmet

Article about: Hi, I'm completely new to this forum so please be gentle with me. I recently acquired a WW1 Brodie helmet in quite good condition. Engraved into the underside of the rim is 'ZC305' and on th

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    The three pad liner could do with a very light rubbing with lanoline to help rehydrate the leather,this should stop any further hardening of the leather,it may darken slightly but should return to near normal in a few days
    Johnsons baby oil is very good on leather - and the added bonus is that women like the smell! I do suspect that at least the first cammo helmet has been repainted. The inside is very rusty, while the outside has the paint! I note also that the camoflage paint goes right up to the very edge of the rivet-holes. Rivets overlap, so you would expect to see a small area around the hole with the original finish and not the cammo paint.

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    OK we are not all experts and no one wants bad news HOWEVER for a forum to have any validity we must be honest....

    1. I am sorry both cammo helmets do not look good to me especially the first which is clearly a relic shell repainted ( with sympathy ) and if price appropriately nothing wrong..but it is what it is.

    2. The field grey is ok but looks to have been cleaned, varnished and possibly the cleaning of the paint has taken a layer off. I dont like the patination. This could of course be the flash from camera.

    3. The brodie is 100 % American. If you bought as a British (and we all learn) you really should do some research before buying and parting with your hard earned cash. The differences are obvious. Re the insignia seems to turn up alot for a rare unit!

    4. SH is not a rare producer of german helmets, granted rarer than ET!!!

    For a forum to have worth we have to be honest.

    If all helmets were bought at reasonable prices then a nice collection for what they are at the buget end of collections.

    Be wary as you will get burnt. IMO a recent ebay helmet worth £150 with a repro cover sold for £1000.

    It is sad an honourable interest is exploited.

    Finally NEVER NEVER accept a photo and story accompanying any item is linked and has provenance unless you have evidence. Buy the item not the story. Many collectors want to believe a story and end up twisting facts to suit.

    And yes I have been burnt in 25 years collecting experience.

    Kind regards


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