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WW1 Canadian CEF MKI Brodie Helmet 10th Battalion

Article about: hello, I finally managed to acquire a long sought after 10th battalion "Fighting 10th" MkI brodie helmet. Well known as one of the toughest battalions in the CEF, recruits came mos

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    aef1917, I had a 5 CMR that was painted that way, I am not disputing your ideas about the Div, Brigade and Battns markings were not put on earlier.
    However, again I must bring forward the July 1918 order that ALL of the Canadian Corps ( less 2 battns that were sent to the Ypres area) were ordered to remove ALL Canadian insignia. This was done at the same time that the Famous "Shut You Mouth Order" was both issued to the Canadian Troops as well as being glued into each Soldiers Paybook, if you read the order ( photo below out of my collection) it states only to give your rank and name, not your unit. So to follow the order to remove all Canadian Insignia would have ment they had to remove the painted insignia on the lids.

    Many people have never heard of this order to Canadian Troops or know why it was given, here is the reason

    Haig relized that the Germans would figure out where the "spearhead" thrust would take place ( for the last 100 days) if they could figure out where the Canadian Corp was, ( the Germans called the Canadian Corp "Storm Troopers after the Battle of Vimy Ridge)
    So the Canadian Corp, less 2 Battns removed all thier insignia, the 2 Battns still with insignia were move to the Ypres area and made " a lot of noise"
    The rest were moved in the other Direction for the assault, I am sure many knew where the Canadians were, however there must have been some confussion within the German Ranks

    Here is the photo of the "Keep You Mouth Shut order pasted into a Canadian Pay Book.

    Dean O


    WW1 Canadian CEF MKI Brodie  Helmet 10th Battalion

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    Default Helmet Insignia Orders

    These orders from 1st Canadian Division Headquarters on November 23, 1918 and 3rd Canadian Infantry brigade Headquarters on January 5th, 2016 clearly described orders to paint insignia on helmets post war. Interestingly, the 1st letter suggests that dressing up the helmets with regimental insignia would be impressive in the event of parades. It also appears that there is some flexibility in the choice of insignia at the discretion of the battalions.

    WW1 Canadian CEF MKI Brodie  Helmet 10th Battalion
    WW1 Canadian CEF MKI Brodie  Helmet 10th Battalion
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