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WW1 Medals Found

Article about: I was given these by a colleague at work the other day, he found them in the loft of a relative’s house. They were issued to his Grandfather, who was in the tank corp. His grandfather’s name

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    Good for you Ade! You'll find you very quickly recoup what you spend out if you collect anything British, especially medals. Also helps save a few pennies on dud purchases. The basic package is normally adequate for most things and if you get stuck, just ask as I have the premium one so can do any extra look-ups. I pay for it monthly as it's a little less painful.

    I should make it clear that I am heavily involved with genealogical research as well as medal collecting and as such sit on an international panel as the "military research adviser". Thus these sort of research projects are a passion. My own 10-year book project is about 5 years in and I'm hoping that I'm on target for completion 5 years hence!

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    I have taken my family tree back to 1570, so having a lot of fun! Helped by the fact we have always lived in the same village.

    Found sereval relatives who fought in WW1 whom I did not know about.

    It is adictive!

    Good luck on the book!

    Cheers, Ade.

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