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WW1 MM Trio

Article about: Hello Ladies & Gents here are my latest medals to turn up.. A lovely Military Medal Trio..All the info is on the top of the card if anybody else can gleam any more info that would be gre

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    Page 6833 - right hand column, two thirds down.
    It's not much but he's there.........


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    Very nice group Terry. Great in any collection. Out of interest were these from Chester Medals by any chance?

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    Thanks Steve that is top dollar.. I have found him now!! Thank you for taking time out to locate him!!. If I remember right you have a MM with bar??. Cheers Terry.

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    No bar Terry, and just the single medal - he's R.E too.

    Speaking of Military Medals, I found out about this
    guy only a few years ago, and was awestruck:

    Francis Pegahmagabow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW1 MM Trio  
    Attached Images Attached Images WW1 MM Trio 


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    Thanks Steve I will look at that now!!! Just read that what a man!!.. MM & 2 bars very nice..the poor old medals look a alittle battered I was wondering who is looking after these medals to get them in such a state??.. Cheers Steve an interesting read. Cheers Terry.

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    Quote by Spitace41 View Post
    Very nice group Terry. Great in any collection. Out of interest were these from Chester Medals by any chance?
    Hello James no they were from the Medal Centre in Hexham.. Cheers Terry

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    Ah ok, I just wondered because I purchased a couple of ww1 doubles from them last week and the labels looked the same.

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