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WW1 PERIOD KODAK VPK - with film still inside.

Article about: Hey guys, Just the other day I was looking to buy a travel camera for Gallipoli this year. I wanted to get the best photos I could...ANZAC service, Baby 700, Chunuk Bair, Lone Pine. I got my

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    The 'Autographica'. Nice to see it still has the stylus.
    There may be something on the roll, but it might
    not even be militaria related. Let's hope so.

    Fingers crossed.........!


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    Sounds like the gears are stripped on it-probably from a film jam being force tried. As said, hopefully no one has opened it in 100 years, but somehow I doubt it. Who knows? Maybe you have a photo of Woodrow Wilson? Or Black Jack Pershing? Or maybe some guy's "candid naughty home pictures" that got confiscated by the wife and hidden away? Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the lab says when they get it opened...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks guys. It's been sent via over night courier.
    Will know more in a couple of days.
    Lets just hope whatever is on the film can be developed.

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    It looks like a good camera of the 1915 type. You have renewed my interest in these cameras, I am looking on eBay for an early model.

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    I hope you can find a good working model.
    There were 2 kinds of 1915 model.
    the first one is just the standard model, no frills.
    The second is the autograhic, with the flap.
    I think there was also a posh version after these that had a high end lens.
    For those who collect WW1 uniforms and kits, a VPK is a must have.

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    BAD NEWS.....
    I just got a call from Wellington.
    The film is a bust, too much light damage.
    The first photo has a massive dark spot, then it looks like someone has opened the camera at some point.
    All gone.
    What a waste, but never mind.
    I will take some photos at Gallipoli with it.
    So disappointing.

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    Before you put a roll of film in, take a look at the
    bellows - hold the camera up to a light source
    with the back open. There might be pin holes
    at the edges which will allow light in.........


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    Cheers mate, I will check the bellows for light leakage.

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    Steve is right-almost certainly, you will see light leakage through the bellows edges. Considering it's 100 year old leather, it's almost impossible to Not have any. I collected cameras at one time in the past, and of them all, I don't believe that there was One that did not have pinhole leakage. I remember, in the old days(and this was back in the early 60's), that we would check periodically by holding it up to a light and looking at the insides. We would try to seal any little spots with glues, etc, but it was almost never successful. If ever we Did make a good seal, it could never be closed and folded again, or else the leaks would come right back when it was reopened.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Interesting thread...shame the film was shot.

    I own a Kodak Autographic VPK...I bought it after reading how popular it was with Soldiers and it fits in well with my living history.It never crossed my mind to check for pinholes in the bellows so i took the back off (the part with the red viewing hole) and looked...pinholes!Glad i read this There must be something thin and lightproof that could be carefully stuck on?

    One point i have read is that the 127 film you get now is nothing like the Autographic film of the time and when you use it nowadays you should block the viewing window off with electrical only lift the tape when you wind the film on(in the shade).

    I'm still researching how to load/use the thing, film is waiting.

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